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Barrel Length: 18.5″

New For 2016: Mossberg’s 590 7-Shot Pump-Action Shotgun

The 590 7-Shot features an extra shot for law enforcement and military members, along with Mossberg’s classic ambidextrous top-mounted safety. Tactical-Life. When designing a shotgun for law enforcement and military, every feature counts — like the extra shot in Mossberg’s new 590 7-Shot …

7-Shots Now Available In Mossberg’s Legendary 590

7-Shots Now Available In Mossberg’s Legendary 590® Tactical Shotguns. The new 7-shot 590 and 590A1 models offer the same compact size, convenience, flexibility and reliability that the Military, Law Enforcement and discerning citizens have trusted for years, …

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Dec 25, 2014 · Use of size 7 shot will disqualify a shooter, but not because of some perceived advantage of the slightly larger shot. Whether 7 or 7.5 will break a clay better or pattern better will depend on the individual gun, the weight of the shot load, target distance, etc., etc.

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#7 Steel Shot Ammo at Ammo.com: #7 Steel Shot Explained

Buy your #7 steel shot ammunition in bulk here at Ammo.com. Live inventory + same day shipping! Shotgun Projectiles: Lead and Steel Shot #12 Lead Shot Ammo #9 Lead Shot Ammo #8.5 Lead Shot Ammo #8 Lead Shot Ammo #7.5 Lead Shot Ammo #7 Steel Shot Ammo #6 Lead Shot Ammo

#7.5 Lead Shot Ammo at Ammo.com: #7.5 Lead Shot Explained

With a high pellet count leading to a dense pattern, #7.5 lead shot will give you great stopping power with an optimal range of 35 to 50 yards. Lead shot is very regulated in certain states, parks and recreational areas. And based on the area, it could be a complete ban or a ban on certain weights of lead ammunition.

Shotgunworld.com • 7.5 vs 8 shot?

Aug 22, 2012 · The Internet’s Best Resource for Shotgun Information. If we are talking about factory loaded shells, velocity is a big factor because I have noticed that the #7.5 shot tends to be more for the high velocity loads (7/8 oz @1,400-1,500 FPS) wheras the #8 seems to be in the standard velocity loads (1 1/8 oz @1,100-1,200 FPS).

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