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Earthquakes down under: a rare but real hazard

Partners. Australia is generally regarded as a flat and seismically inert continent that is safe from any serious earthquake hazard. While this is generally true, we do occasionally experience moderate earthquakes, with a magnitude greater than 5. This fact was witnessed first hand by the residents in Bundaberg and Brisbane,

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Australia Earthquake Hazard: Now Reduced by Up to Seventy

Of particular importance were lessons recently learned from the 2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence in New Zealand, and its effects on the built environment. While the headline message is earthquake hazard and risk across Australia has reduced, there are spatial variations across the country.

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67 rows · Other earthquakes. Broome, 16 August 1929, magnitude 6.6, offshore earthquake to the …

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Insurance and exposure of earthquakes in Australia and New Zealand. Most of the exposure in Australia is concentrated in the big cities. The value concentration is enormous. If an earthquake strikes one of the Australian cities the exposure affected by high ground motions will be factors higher than in Christchurch – and the major part of any earthquake loss will be borne by the insurance industry.

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Earthquakes in Australia – Expect a Big One. In the period between the first earthquake on 4 Sept 2010 and late 2012 the Canterbury region and the city of Christchurch experienced strong earthquakes. Because of the soft soil in the region liquefaction effects had a tremendous impact on damages.

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Earthquake risk maps of Australia were prepared using a computer program which selected events from a regional earthquake file and calculated maximum values of acceleration, velocity and intensity at the nodes of a half degree grid, using a scaling rule of the Kanai form Y = aebmR-c.

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Earthquakes in Australia. Earthquake Depths in Australia. Earthquakes occur in the outer crust where rocks are cold enough to be brittle. At some depth the temperature is high enough for the rocks to react to stress by plastic flow. In eastern Australia, earthquakes occur to depths of about 20 km. Less than 5 km are regarded as shallow, while

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Apr 20, 2010 · Western Australia is a quake hotspot, with more quakes than all the other states and territories combined. But the GA data show that Adelaide has the highest risk of any capital.

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