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Birth Seasons. The birth of a new baby whale, known as a calf, usually occurs during the birth season for that specific type of whale. Orcas, for example, tend to give birth in the spring or fall, while blue and humpback whales do so in the winter. Gestation also varies from whale to whale — with orcas it lasts around 17 months,

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A: A baby whale is called a calf. Birth seasons and gestation periods vary among whale species. Most whale calf births are single, but twin births do happen occasionally.

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A: A baby whale is a calf, his mother is a cow and his father is a bull, and together, the family is a pod. Baby whales grow in the mother’s uterus from 10 to 18 months, depending on the species. A calf receives nutrients in utero through an umbilical cord. Continue Reading.

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Calves. A baby whale is called a calf. A young whale (of any species) is called a ‘calf’. The young of blue whales are called calves, just like the young of cows for example. 34 people found this useful.

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There are many species called Baby Whales the commonest species will grow slowly to be about 8″ long and can live for 6 to 10 years or sometimes even longer. The Black Baby Whale, shown above, grows to about 5″, which is a very nice size for a 45 to 60-gallon aquarium.

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Baby Whales. In a pod or family the baby whale is known as a calf, the female whale is known as cow and the male is referred to as the bull. In terms of mating periods many species of whale have two primary seasons known as mating season and feeding season.

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The baby whale is an animal living in the bay. She is often seen with her mother. Bio. The baby whale can be found in the water by the beach. She represents Adventure Bay on its town symbol, along with the Seal Island Lighthouse. In her first appearance, the PAW Patrol saves her after she becomes beached.

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