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Rome, Italy. Rome wasn’t built in a day–and you’ll need much more than a day to take in this

The 20 greatest destinations in Italy – and the best time

Tuscany. Tuscany encapsulates everything that is most seductive about Italy – glorious landscapes, perfect climate, great art and architecture and a matchless cuisine. For the best of that cuisine, go in the autumn, when the light turns golden, the days are still warm, the rich harvest of figs, grapes, chestnuts, olives, apples,

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Read more: Top Naples Attractions 9. Italian Lake District. The Italian Lake District stretches across …

22 Best Cities to Visit in Italy – 2019 (with Photos

Palermo (Hotel Prices & Photos) Sicily has an undeniable allure, and visiting its capital and oldest city of Palermo offers the chance to feast on some of the best street food in Italy with its three main markets, Ballaro, Il Capo, and the famed Vucciria, lined with fragrant stands.

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Rome. A standard stop on many Eurotrip itineraries, Rome is not to be missed. The city is a …

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Italy is experiencing another renaissance… this time as a destination for snowbirds and expats. The dollar continues relatively strong against the euro… plus certain corners of Italy can be among Europe’s best …

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Rome. There is so much history, so much art, and so many awesome sites to visit that Rome …

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Rome. Rome. Both for its history as the capital of much of Europe and for its present day role as …

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The 12 best places to visit in Italy – and where to stay when there. A n insider’s guide into the top places and cities to visit in Italy – and where to stay while you’re there – including the best for couples and families, in locations including Venice, Rome, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, Milan, the Italian Lakes, Sicily and Puglia.

10 Top Destinations in Northern Italy (with Photos & Map

The area was designated Italy’s first national park in 1920, in part to protect the dwindling population of ibex, a mountain goat best known for horns that can grow up to 3 feet long. The park is a hiker’s paradise in late spring and summer when the flowers are in bloom, and it’s a great holiday destination for cross-country skiing and

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Italy might be the world’s most celebrated tourist destination, but it only became a unified state in 1861, and as a result Italians often feel more loyalty to their region than to the nation as a whole – something manifest in its different cuisines, dialects, landscapes and often varying standards of living.

22 Best Places To Visit In Italy For An Epic Summer Trip

Manarola, Cinque Terre. Can’t get over the amazing colours of Cinque Terre [email protected]

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Best Places to visit in Italy with Kids. We received an email from one of our food-loving readers, who asked our opinion on the best places to visit in Italy with kids.Upon writing her back, we realized that this may be a good template for those who want to travel Italy as a family.