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The Aduki ni Light by Mathmos is one of the most relaxing light gadgets I’ve ever seen. When turned off, it looks like a hand-sized teardrop of mercury or hematite (which is cool enough as-is). When turned on, however, it either shines a color of your choosing or cycles through the entire color spectrum.

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Mala beads are the oldest meditation gadget out there. Made of 27 or 108 beads on a string, they are made to help you to keep count of mantas or affirmations when meditating. Variations of this idea are found around the world, from Catholic rosaries to the “story …

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Muscle Roller Stick Massage Stick Relaxation Can Welcome to Hairwilly, The whole body aches, Great pressure on work and life, The figure is getting worse or… Price : 22.98 12.98

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Melomind is a headset and app that aims to help people manage stress by monitoring their brain waves and delivering music that will relax them. The success of each relaxation session, which can last anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes, is recorded in the app for a user to review.

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From scented diffusers, to sleep machines, we’ve gathered the best relaxation gadgets and accessories for a little R&R in the comfort of your own home. Read more Best travel gadgets you never

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4 Gadgets That Will Help You Relax—and One to Keep an Eye On A business man tearing his hair out in frustration, 24 November 2000. Fairfax Media Fairfax Media via Getty Images

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The jet set knows the best way to stay connected both home and abroad is to use a dual-SIM smartphone.

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Mar 26, 2018 · Perhaps more of a beauty gadget than a health one, but as far as I’m concerned, keeping yourself preened is at the top of my health and wellbeing. One of the best I’ve used is the Philips OneBlade, a hybrid shaver and trimmer that can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair anywhere on your body and face.

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