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Can Robitussin AC be bought without a prescription?

Responses (17) Now, in Canada Codeine is not a controlled substance and can be bought over the counter, they also have several different variations of tylenol that can be purchased with or without Codeine in it. If you are really curious about whether or not that statement is true you can call any pharmacy and ask.

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Paracetamol. Paracetamol is used to treat headaches and most non-nerve pains. Two 500mg …

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Codeine doesn’t work very well on its own. It works better when combined with paracetamol in a single pill. You can buy co-codamol (paracetamol and low-dose codeine) over the counter. Higher-dose opioids have to be prescribed.


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Welcome to Reddit, Now you have to find a pharmacy that will dispense it to you. The only OTC codeine brands that you can legally get are either Robitussin AC or Cheratussin AC. Both are a syrup with a mixture of codeine and guaifenesin. Guaifenesin, although not particularly dangerous in high doses even up to 10-20 thousand mg,

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Apr 25, 2017 · You’re so NOT going to get temazepan in Boots! Or not without a prescription. If you bring it with a prescription there would be no problem (but I understand your issue is Dubai).If you need this for sleeping, you can buy some sleep aids over the counter.

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Buy codeine in Canada without a prescription. by | Jan 30, 2017 | Over-the-counter medications, Pharmacy | 25 comments. Since this post was first published, the Department of Health has given notice that it intends to change federal law to make all codeine products prescription only in Canada.

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Jan 10, 2008 · Over the counter codeine sub: There is only one way you can get codeine legally without a prescription, and that is to buy it in Canada. In BC you can buy Tylenol 1’s legally over the counter, and you are legally allowed to bring a set amount over the border into the USA. Loading

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Equate cough syrup: Codeine is a controlled narcotic. It is only available by prescription. Equate cough syrup is over the counter medication. One of its active ingredient is dextromethorphan. It doesn’t contain codeine.

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Codeine is a controlled substance, so any tablets containing codeine can only legally be obtained with a prescription. I believe that some states still allow liquid cough syrups containing codeine and at least one other non-controlled medication (acetaminophen-codeine, guaifenesin-codeine, etc.) to be dispensed at very low doses without a prescription.

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Contents. New warnings and tighter controls on the sales of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines containing codeine or dihydrocodeine are being introduced to minimise the risk of overuse and addiction to these medicines, in line with recent advice from the Commission on Human Medicines (CHM). The package of measures includes changes to indications,

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– Some pharmacies sell “Widena”, a Columbian medication that is similar to Tylenol 3 (30mg codeine and 500mg acetaminophen) over the counter, or a doctor can prescribe it for you. – Tramadol (50mg and 100mg) is usually available over the counter.

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Addicted to over-the-counter opium: Few realise codeine headache pills come from the same source as heroin – and evidence reveals more and more are getting hooked but just because you can buy

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But for many people, non-prescription codeine is the primary problem. In Ontario, more than 500 people have entered methadone treatments over the last three years for addictions to “over-the-counter codeine preparations,” according to a database maintained by the Centre for …

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Many of these medicines are bought “over the counter” (OTC), meaning you do not need a prescription to have them. High doses of promethazine-codeine cough syrup can produce euphoria similar to that produced by other opioid drugs. Also, both codeine and promethazine depress activities in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord