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MTS Oceanos. Jump to navigation Jump to search. MTS Oceanos was a French-built and Greek-owned cruise ship that sank in 1991 due to uncontrolled flooding. Her captain and some of the crew were convicted of negligence for fleeing the ship without helping the passengers.

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The captain goes down with the ship. In most instances, the captain of the ship forgoes his own rapid departure of a ship in distress, and concentrates instead on saving other people. It often results in either the death or belated rescue of the captain as the last person on board.

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Captain of Costa Concordia faces charges he abandoned

Jan 16, 2012 · The captain of a doomed luxury liner that struck a reef off the coast of Italy faces charges he abandoned his ship, leaving passengers and crew behind in the sinking …

Scorned Cruise-Ship Captain Not First to Abandon Sinking Ship

Scorned Cruise-Ship Captain Not First to Abandon Sinking Ship. The “significant human error,” as described by the ship’s owner, Costa Cruises, caused the 114,500-ton liner to capsize just 500 feet from the shore, killing at least 11 people, while 24 remain missing.

Italian cruise ship captain gets 16-year jail sentence

Italian cruise ship captain gets 16-year jail sentence. He was left alone in the dock to answer for the disaster after the ship’s owners Costa Cruises, a unit of Carnival Corp, paid a $1.13m fine to settle and prosecutors accepted plea bargains from five other officials. Lawyers for Schettino appealed to the court to consider malfunctioning

Cruise Disaster: Captain Claims He Was Thrown From Ship

Cruise Ship Disaster: Captain Released on House Arrest. An Italian judge has ordered the captain of the doomed cruise ship Costa Concordia be released on house arrest following his first appearance in court today after he allegedly steered the massive ship into rocks and then abandoned the passengers aboard the sinking vessel. At

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The Captain’s Duty on a Sinking Ship. The master of the cruise ship M/V Oceanos, who in the fall of 1991 off the coast of Africa, breached this custom by fleeing his sinking ship while hundreds of passengers remained aboard, soon learned the dishonor that attends such a too- hasty abandonment.

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Jul 07, 2006 · Passengers aboard the cruise ship Oceanos begin to panic when the ship starts sinking. To make matters worse, the captain and most of the crew have already abandoned ship, leaving them to die.

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Then there is the infamous sinking of the Oceanos cruise ship (photo above left), where the captain abandoned ship leaving women, children and elderly passengers to die (they miraculously survived). The sinking of the Oceanos is featured on my list of top 5 cruise ship disasters – watch the video here .