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8 Classic American Cocktails from Days Past – Forkly

The Gin Rickey. A hit in the roaring 1920s in New Jersey, the Gin Rickey made popular rounds at …

Classic American Cocktails You Absolutely Need to Try

Aviation. Ingredients: gin, maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, and crème de violette. Meehan’s …

Classic American Cocktails – Sharpologist

The Martini. Originally called the Martinez in 1862, this institution of American cocktails consisted of …

Five All-American Cocktail Recipes from the Nation’s Top

Five All-American Cocktail Recipes from the Nation’s Top Mixologists Raise a glass this summer to America’s vibrant cocktail history by whipping up some of these classic drinks

20 Essential Classic Cocktails You Need to Know

Dry Martini. The martini is often the first cocktail many people think of when it comes to “fancy” …

7 Iconic American Cocktails for the Fourth of July | Food

Sazerac. The stiff mix of rye whiskey or, as it was originally made, Cognac, Peychaud’s bitters, …

Classic Whiskey Cocktails: American Style | Allrecipes

Classic Old Fashioned Sazerac Mint Juleps Shaggy’s Manhattan More Whiskey Cocktails But there is a difference between Tennessee Whiskey and bourbon.

The Classic Cocktails

Classic Cocktail Recipes Imagine a 1920′s speak easy–hot, loud, smoke filled, and full of stylish people drinking classic American cocktails. Here is a sampling of some of those very cocktails.

10 Classic Cocktails | Allrecipes

Martini. The gin martini is the king of cocktails. A clear, classic, very strong …

Best Classic Cocktails – SAVEUR

Classic Cocktails. posted Apr 13th, 2014 the Monkey Gland is a classic 1920s cocktail that balances gin and fresh orange juice with a splash of Absinthe and a little pomegranate grenadine

10 Classic Gin Cocktails That Should Be on Everyone’s List

This classic is an acquired taste because Campari is well-known for its bitter aspects, but once you develop the taste for it, you will find that few other drinks work as well when it comes to meals. It is also surprisingly versatile in the cuisines that it can be paired with, though we should admit that Italian food is …

Classic Cocktail Recipes | Better Homes & Gardens

Jun 09, 2015 · Martini. Whether you prefer your martini shaken or stirred, these classic cocktails add a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Choose gin or vodka, then …

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The Old Fashioned is as classic as they come, and perfect for anyone who likes their whiskey drinks on the sweeter side. Ingredients. 2 oz. bourbon or rye whiskey. 3 dashes Angostura bitters.