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Cob building is a form of earth architecture that for centuries was a staple of British and Western European home architecture. The tradition of earth building is now again enjoying a revival. People from all backgrounds are looking for building methods which place the …

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Cob-Building Origins. When the British immigrated to the United States, Australia and New Zealand in the 1700s and 1800s, they brought the technique with them. In Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, parts of Asia and what is now the southwestern United States, cob …

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Australasian Cobbers – Cob Building in Australia and New Zealand has 2,433 members. Welcome cobbers! Any Cob, Adobe, Mudbrick, builders and lovers,

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Earth building. The use of unfired earth material in building is earth building. It is at least 11,000 years old and houses half the world’s people. The 12 methods including mudbrick, rammed earth, cob, light earth and earth render.

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Cob earth structures. Cob building is one of the oldest forms of adobe building, and one of the most sustainable with high insulation values, longevity, local materials and zero toxicity. In Western societies such as ours, enormous resources and energy are poured into creating huge, toxic houses.

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May 06, 2012 · Building a COB House: To build your design will have to meet all Australian building and State building codes, you will also need your designed singed of by a engineer, the local town planner of your shire will happily answer any questions and you will find they are all willing to help get a cob house created in there area’s,

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Recipe for Building a Cob House. With $3000 for supplies, $1000 for labor, and nine months of my own full time labor, I was able to build Gobcobatron, a small cob house with interior dimensions of roughly 15’x13′, and a footprint of (again, roughly) 20’x18′. Practically all …

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Ianto Evans is a Welsh-born architect, applied ecologist, inventor, writer and teacher with building experience on five continents. In Wales, cob is a traditional building material. For more info on cob and cob building courses, see the Alternative Directory listing under Builders – Earth, Mudbrick, Adobe, Cob.

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Natural building workshops are taking off in Australia. In just the past six months alone there have been over 20 community workshops building natural homes using earthship, earthbag, strawbale, cob, light earth and bamboo methods. Not to mention numerous small-scale community projects.

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No cost cob, bamboo and thatch hut, Talon, Gingoog City, Mindanao. Research Projects. University of Technology Sydney. Earthquake testing of bamboo reinforced cob prototype house. University of Technology Sydney, Testing comparative strength of mudbrick and cob. University of Technology Sydney, Assistance and building test buildings a PhD

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The world’s most popular natural building group hosts FREE to register workshop listings from all over the world. Natural Building Workshops 2019 OPEN up all the comments then use your browser’s FIND function to SEARCH for a subject e.g. ‘cob oven’ or ‘straw bale’ or a location e.g. USA etc. Instructions for posting workshops can be found