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Law Society review. The death penalty should be discretionary for the offences where the death sentence is mandatory – murder, drug trafficking, firearms offences and sedition – a position similar to that for the offence of kidnapping. There are strong arguments for changing the mandatory nature of capital punishment in Singapore.

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Yes. Singapore’s laws maintain the mandatory death penalty for a number of offenses; Singapore’s courts have upheld the mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking.

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Explainer: Singapore’s controversial death penalty

Singapore’s continued practice of the death penalty in the 21st century is an open secret, one that has sparked years of controversy and impassioned debates — especially so in the aftermath of Boo Junfeng’s subtly brilliant film Apprentice. If you’ve felt lost amidst all the noise of conflicting opinions, this will help you better understand the place – or perhaps misplacement – of Singapore’s mandatory capital …

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Singapore 238823 Your Excellency We write to you representing 480,000 social workers in 80 countries across the world regarding the mandatory sentence of death imposed on …

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Singapore and the Death Penalty. Under the original Act, capital punishment was mandatory if the accused was found to be in possession of the requisite quantity of drugs. There were no exemptions for minors under the age of 21 (although minors under the age of 18 and pregnant women are exempt).

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Singapore’s death penalty regime is notably opaque; imminent executions are not announced, and are usually only made known to anti-death penalty activists like myself when the family or friends of the inmate make contact.

Heroin smuggler challenges Singapore death sentence

Heroin smuggler challenges Singapore death sentence Lawyers for Yong Vui Kong argue country’s policy of mandatory execution in drug cases is a breach of human rights Afua Hirsch , legal affairs

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Any relief was short-lived. The prosecution appealed the sentence, and in January 2015 the Court of Appeal—Singapore’s highest court—returned Jabing to death row in a in a 3-2 ruling.