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What if you were on an elevator and the cable broke

Snapping Cables

Elevator riders plunge 84 floors after cables snap – wisn.com

Elevator riders plunge 84 floors after cables snap. Group had just left the Signature Room in Chicago’s former John Hancock Center

Elevator drops 84 floors after cables snap in Chicago’s

Six people were trapped in an elevator that fell 84 floors for nearly three hours before they were rescued by the Chicago Fire Department, Nov. 19, 2018.

What should you do if an elevator cable snaps? – Quora

Or the elevator gets bound up by the broken cable. I would exit the elevator at its next stop when the elevator doors open. If the broken cable causes an entrapment, then you should use the emergency communication device in the elevator to call for help. Remain calm and do what the person on the other end of the line tells you to do.

Six People Rescued From Mag Mile Elevator After Cables

None of the six people rescued required medical attention. The cause of why the cables snapped is not known at this time. Otis Elevator crews were helping building management to repair the elevator.

Elevator Cable Snaps in N.Y. Building | EHS Today

The elevator plunge was caused by a sheared compensating cable, which adjusts the weight of the car, building spokesman Howard Rubenstein said. The elevator passed an inspection May 19, he said. All 64 elevators in the landmark have been scheduled for inspections this week.

Elevator trim wire snaps mid-flight | Pilots of America

Aug 04, 2012 · Elevator trim wire snaps mid-flight. Well, the trim wheel felt a little tight and then suddenly spun freely and the cable snapped and became all wrapped up on the side of the wheel. Had to keep some serious back pressure for the whole trip back. Then decided to slow the plane down and let the flaps help out.

Maintenance close call | Pilots of America Oct 17, 2018
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What would happen if an elevator cable snapped? Would you

Dual elevator setups may share a large shaft that lets the air flow by freely. So this wouldn’t happen. And depending on how fast you react you may fly up to the celing at . Standing still you are applying a downward force equal to your weight. In a near freefall, this force would too great and launch you up.

Top responsesRedditThere wouldn’t be much air resistance, so you would fall at the same speed.2 votesHe probably wouldn’t have been throw up violently if only it dropped by 10 feet.1 voteIt may have scared him so it felt like 10ft. To him, but is is very doubtful that he fell anywhere close to that. When the safety brakes engaged, that fall … read more1 voteUnless all the doors are open, the air trapped under the elevator would cause substantial resistance. It would not achieve freefall acceleration so you would … read more1 voteYou can see it for yourself – put something in a box, drop the box. The thing stays in the box.1 voteYou would fall at the same speed. acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 meters/second and so he would stay on the floor because the elevator … read more1 voteSee all

Elevator Accident Caught on Tape! – YouTube

May 09, 2011 · Okay so here’s the deal, we were walking through the hotel lobby about to leave when my sister and her friend decided they wanted to ride the glass elevators to the 26th floor one last time.

10 Tragic Elevator Accidents – Listverse

Dec 23, 2011 · By 1946, it had been nearly 100 years since March 23, 1857, when the first Otis passenger elevator was installed at 488 Broadway, in New York City. The Otis safety elevator was the first passenger elevator to have an automatic safety device to stop the elevator from free-falling should the cable …

Old CABLE lift with..(see 2:47) – YouTube

Jul 20, 2014 · Later in the day I found this “cable lifts” lift. Not quite as interesting as the Bennie would have been but still this is a classic and certainly one that I’m interested to film.

2016-10-08 Air Vanuatu DHC-6 elevator cable snapped Walaha

Narrative. Shortly before landing at Walaha, the elevator cable snapped. Despite the mishap, the pilots were able to land without further problems. The incident is under investigation. According to local media reports, the Twin Otter aircraft was less than a minute away from landing at …