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Embed a UK geology or earthquakes map on your website. You can also link to the Geology of Britain viewer zoomed in at your chosen location below. Zoom to: Link: The Geology of Britain viewer is a simple tool aimed at the general public that helps you explore the geology around where you live.

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United Kingdom Information: The United Kingdom is located in western Europe and consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is bordered …

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The geology of England is mainly sedimentary. Catalogues often distinguish them as “S”, “D” or “S+D” maps. “Drift” geology is often more important than “solid” geology when considering building works, drainage, siting water boreholes, soil fertility, and many other issues.

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William Smith’s 1815 Geological Map of England and Wales, which measures 8.5ft x 6ft, demonstrated for the first time the geology of the UK and was the culmination of years of work by Smith, who was shunned by the scientific community for many years and ended up in debtors’ prison.

A Geological Map of England and Wales and Part of Scotland

London, England A Geological Map of England and Wales and Part of Scotland William Smith’s iconic “map that changed the world” is hidden behind a curtain in the Geological Society building.

Geological Map Of England, Wales And Part Of Scotland

A Geological Map Of England, Wales, And Part Of Scotland, Showing Also The Inland Navigation By Means Of Rivers And Canals, With Their Elevation In Feet Above The Sea, Together With The Rail Roads & Principal Roads, By J. & C. Walker.