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The Grown-Up Guide to Alternative Style – Style on Vega

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How do you update your alternative style (goth/punk/scene

My grown up goth style is mostly the modern trends in all black. Long cotton black dresses are super comfy especially for the climate I’m in. I have a full moon/pumpkin tattoo that sort of keeps me looking goth no matter how “hip” the style I’m wearing is.

The Grown-Up Guide to Alternative Style – Style on Vega

The Grown-Up Guide to Alternative Style – Style on Vega You are well over your thirties and you’re starting to think about toning your style down. Weird Clothes Crazy Outfits Bold Fashion Alternative Fashion Style Guides Growing Up Shaving Your Style Crazy Fashion

How to Be Punk in Your Thirties – Style on Vega

How to create a grown-up alternative style? We should take one thing into consideration before we start. You are not too old to follow your passions, and no one is allowed to judge you for the way you feel and the way you look.

15 Things You Find In Every Grown Up Alternative Girl’s Closet

Here is a look inside the closet of an alternative girl that has grown into an alternative woman. What do you think is usually found in a grown up alternative girl’s closet? A sea of black.

Alternative Fashion – is it worth it? : femalefashionadvice

You don’t have to wear a suit or look like a total asskiss but find something in the middle that says ‘Promote me’ or ‘Invite me to your grown up cocktail party.’ And evolving your style to meet your goals doesn’t mean you’re selling out.

Top responsesRedditIt’s all about being appropriate for the situation, and it’s a learning curve. Lots of the mass produced gothy stuff looks way too costumey and isn’t … read more13 votesI made a post about something similar to this. I worry that the style I want to transition to would be considered too “costumey” so its hard to find what needs to … read more3 votesDo the pros outweigh the cons for you? It’s worth it for some people – clothes are a way to express themselves. Other people don’t like being stared at, so they … read more6 votesThe way people treat you has much more to do with your confidence, how you feel, and the expression you wear than the clothes we wear. I use clothes to … read more1 voteSee all

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