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Overview. Pitted keratolysis is a skin condition affecting the soles of the feet and, less commonly, the palms of the hands. It is caused by a bacterial infection of the skin and may give off an unpleasant odor.

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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Kass on holes in skin on bottom of feet: It could be a form of eczema..,,,,

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Pitted keratolysis also known as keratolysis sulcata, is a bacterial infection or foot skin infection of the soles of the feet or, less commonly, the palms of the hands. The most common result is identified by very smelly feet due to the soles infection. Usually the heel or forefoot become white with clusters of punched-out pits or small holes in feet.

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“Pits” or “holes” are forming on a callus on the ball of my foot. I’ve never had this before. There is no pain, but there is an occasional burning sensation. I recall feeling a burning sensation before any visible symptoms occured. There is no itching, swelling, reddness, or odor.

I also have little holes about the size of a tear drop in the middle of the ball of my feet. It is on both feet in the same exact spot. I don’t have any other symptoms either. Sometimes it does hurt and I can peel the skin off that is building up at the hole. I have had these for about 6 months. It does not seem to be spreading, but I would like to know what it is without a dr’s visit as I do not have health insurance either.sounds like a planters wart. ive been playing soccer for 15 years and i were high heel shoes and from all the presure on my foot i got one on the not heel the other hard part below your toes anyways u have to get it removed its not to pain full but u have to see a doctor to do it i had a small hole in the middle of a calus it didnt hurt or a couple months so i didnt worry about it then about 6-8 months later it was very pain ful the dr puts liquid nitrogen on it (freezes it)and cuts it outIt’s bacteria.It’s called pitted keratolysis. Bacteria on the feet that responds well to topical antibiotics. Wash feet a lot and keep dry. May respond to washing feet with hydrogen peroxide. Usually causes bad foot odor.This Bacteria is this something you need to see a doctor for or is there over the counter stuff you can use?I have a whole in my foot it is at the bottom I have had it for 4 months. I picked it yesterday and it hurts whenI walk. I also went to the pool yesterday and it hurt alot. it is a perfect circle. Sometimes i can peel the skin. It started out like a blister. I had just taken a shower then I peeled a blister and it was there. In spanish it is called a hojo de pescado it means fish eye. It hurts to walk help me please!here;s a link with some helpful information. http://www.skin-disease.org/skin-infection/pitted-keratolysis.html I believe i had this as a teenager. It got cut, and i believe I put antibacterial cream on it. It went away fairly quickly after that. It is back now, 8 or so years later, so i think it’s best to try the antibacterial cream again with a band-aid over it. Just the plain kind like in a first aid kit. God willing I’ll post the results soon. John 3:16 🙂hi, i have holes in the heel of my feet. it started off with 1. now there are atleast 5. i am extremely worried, but there are no syptoms but pain.I have something that sounds like this and my mom said it was a fish eye but it’s on my hand. Is this the same thing?you have pitted keratoylsis. You need to see a contact dermatitis who specializates in this disease. You need to see a doctor so he can do an patch test on your skin. You are allergy to leather in the shoe, rubber in the shoe, or etc. You need to know the cause of the problem which is key to your problem. Your doctor will give you a prescription for erythromycin pledgets pad for 6wk to 8 wks or erthromycin 333mg 3 times a day for 10 days or clindamycin topical solution for 4 wks to 8 wks. Good luck you ll be fine in a month or two month. Do some research on this disease. Not a doctor but I know what you are going through

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p in size holes on soles of feet and cracking of skin under toes Hi doc I need some help – I have lots of tiny pin holes all over the balls and heels of the soles of my feet as well as cuts in

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Pitted Keratolysis is an infection of the skin of the feet caused by a bacterial infection. Excessive sweating and tight, unventilated shoes can predispose you to this condition. The primary symptoms of this foot infection are bad foot odor and shallow pits on the bottom weight-bearing (plantar) surface of the feet.

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Jul 09, 2012 · Small hole on bottom of foot. It’s not an open wound, more like a crater about half the size of a BB. Inside the crater a hard core will form in a matter of a week or two. It is white-yellow in color. It doesn’t cause me any pain but it starts to feel like something is stuck to the bottom of my foot, more annoying than anything.

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No skin on ball of foot, hole in the foot, no pain, getting bigger due to picking MD hi on the ball of my foot were my baby toe is the skin is missing,theres like a whole in my foot ,however theres no pain.i pick it a lot witch makes it bigger.can you tell me what it is?

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Pitted keratolysis (also known as Keratolysis plantare sulcatum, Keratoma plantare sulcatum, and Ringed keratolysis) is a bacterial skin infection of the foot. The infection is characterized by craterlike pits on the sole of the feet and toes, particularly weight bearing areas.

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