how much does a cumulus cloud weigh

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LeMone does this by watching her odometer as she drives under a cloud. A typical cumulus, she says, is about a kilometer across, and usually roughly cubical—so a kilometer long and a kilometer

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You’ll Be Shocked At How Much the Average Cloud Weighs. According to scientists, the weight of the average cumulus cloud is 1.1 million pounds! Think about that for a moment. This means that at any given moment, there are millions of pounds of water floating above your head. That’s the equivalent of 100 elephants. So,

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This Is How Much a Cloud Weighs. Hint: a lot more than you think. They may look all light and fluffy, but the reality is that clouds are actually pretty heavy. Researchers have calculated that the average cumulus cloud – which is that nice, white fluffy kind you see on a sunny day – weighs an incredible 500,000 kg (or 1.1 million pounds!).

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Finding the Weight of a Cloud. Cumulus clouds are about as wide and tall as they are long, so the volume of a cloud is: Volume = Length x Width x Height Volume = 1000 meters x 1000 meters x 1000 meters Volume = 1,000,000,000 cubic meters Clouds are huge! Next, you can use the density of …

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Cumulus clouds, which are generally the largest, can weigh in excess of 1 million pounds. This figure comes from a relatively simple density calculation involving the average volume of the cloud times the known density of water within it. Continue Reading.

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One cloud weighs as much as 100 elephants! Clouds appear to float so effortlessly in the sky that one would think that they are weightless. However, this is actually far from the case. A single cumulus cloud weighs 1.1 million pounds on average.To put this into perspective, that is equal to the weight of about 100 elephants or 2,500 donkeys!

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The weight can be calculated using this equation (density by volume by a factor): 1.003 kg/m3x 1,000 x 1 km3 = 1,003,000,000 kg Which is over a billion kilograms of droplets or close to 2.2 billion pounds. Assuming a blue whale is close to 160 (160,000 kg) tones in weight, a cumulus cloud weighs as much as 6,268.75 blue whales!

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Clouds are very heavy. Even a small cumulus cloud can weigh as much as two elephants and scientists estimate that an average-sized cumulus cloud could contain as much as 200 tonnes of water. Cumulonimbus clouds, which are up to 10 times denser and 1,000 times larger than cumulus clouds, could weigh as much as one million tonnes.

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According to scientists, the average cumulus cloud can weigh up to 1.1 million pounds in kilograms! Think about it, there are millions of pounds of water above your head. When… that water gets to heavy for the cloud to carry, it falls down on us.

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Thunderheads, or storm clouds which most of us know them as, are up to 10 times denser and many times larger than cumulus clouds. What Does Thunderheads Weigh? The average thunderstorm cloud will weigh around 563,200,000 pounds (256,000,000 kg)!