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The first is the rising number of international travelers on cruise ships, who do not always share the American mentality about tipping.

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Mar 21, 2018 · Tips for Other Cruise Ship Staff. Other staff members on the cruise ship are tipped when their services are used. These include bartenders, the maitre d’, …

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Welcome to the Ultimate Cruise Tipping Guide, where we answer all your questions about cruise gratuities. Are you curious about a particular cruise line’s tipping policy– how much you’ll pay and

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Cruise Lines with Auto-Tipping Policies. Costa Cruises: Costa calculates its auto-gratuities based on the length of your voyage, the destination, and your ship but you can generally expect $9 to $11 per person per day. Cunard Line: Britannia passengers are charged $11.50 per person per day and Grill passengers pay $13.50 per person per day.

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History and Background of Tipping. When planning your cruise, check with your travel agent or the cruise line about the tipping policy. Often the recommended tips, which run from about $10 to $20 per passenger per day, are published either in the cruise brochure or on the cruise line Web page.

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Tipping on Princess Cruise Ship or on the Crown Princess is also automatic — according to the Princess Cruise Line web site, a hotel and dining charge of $10 per day per person is added to your shipboard account. Automatic tip charges can usually be increased …

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Tipping on a cruise ship depends on the line. Many cruise lines automatically add a gratuity to your onboard account that covers stateroom and dining services, so you don’t have to tip …

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Most cruise lines suggest tipping $10 to $12 per day per passenger (not per couple), regardless of age. For a seven-day cruise, this means each cruiser should budget at least $70 for gratuities, or $140 per cabin for two people.

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Norwegian Cruise Line. Tip amount: Gratuities amount to $13.50 per person per day (including children 3 and older) in standard rooms and $15.50 per person in suites. How it works: Gratuities are automatically added to your shipboard account on a daily basis. If you want to adjust the amount, go to the reception desk.

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It is customary to extend gratuities (tips) to the shipboard staff for their services. How much to tip is a personal matter and completely up to our guests. Our recommended guideline to what is appropriate is $12.95 USD per person, per day for guests in standard stateroom accommodations and $13.95 USD per person, per day for guests booked in suites.

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Many crew members on cruise ships earn a large part of their salary from tips. This keeps the cruise line's costs down and gives personnel an extra incentive to provide good service.

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Over the years cruise lines have largely streamlined this process by recommending to guests how much to tip various crew members, and now, most cruise lines will even charge these gratuities to your onboard account and distribute them without you worrying about a thing.

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How Much Should You Tip Crew Members. Here are the general tipping policies on six of the big cruise ship lines. Check the details for your specific ship and itinerary prior to setting sail.