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Most of the CNG equipped cars start with petrol as a fuel, but then as they move forward, the vehicle is automatically turned to the CNG mode which saves lots of petrol from getting wasted. You can operate the car on petrol mode when it experiences a load and you can use it …

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Make Your Own Fuel! Alcohol Fuel Basics. You can produce your own ethanol for an ongoing cost of less than $2 per gallon. If you grow your own corn, you can distill more than 300 gallons of ethanol from 1 acre of corn. If you drive less than 10,000 miles per year, you could produce all your own fuel from 2 acres of corn — and, granted,

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel. You can make ethanol all by yourself, using and combining different ingredients, most of which you can find in your own home, along with minor equipment. On long tracks, you can make your own fuel that …

How To Make Your Own Oil Lamp Fuel – Living Green and Frugally

How To Make Your Own Oil Lamp Fuel. Oil lamps are a form of lighting, and were used as an alternative to candles before the use of electric lights. Starting in 1780 the Argand lamp quickly replaced other oil lamps still in their basic ancient form. To see how to make your own oil lamp fuel click the link below.

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May 02, 2014 · ==”Homemade Fuel for Cars – How to make homemade Fuel For Cars Cheap and Safe”== Get rid of crappy amateur videos and get your hands on this Detailed Ethanol Fuel Guide! This is a Free Power

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“It’s so simple, anyone can make their own fuel,” Quinn says. Depending upon the cost of electricity and water, he says, the MicroFueler can produce ethanol for less than $1 a gallon.

How to Make 4 Alternative Fuels at Home: Goodbye, Big Oil!

Ethanol. A membrane filters out pure hydrogen gas, which is then compressed for fuel. There’s no storage tank, so your car slow-fills from the pump at night; it takes about 6 hours to reach max capacity–171 liters at 5000 psi. The catch: Hydrogen from gas isn’t emissions-free, and Honda says consumers still have a several-year wait.

DIY Home Biodiesel Production: Make Your Own Fuel

DIY Home Biodiesel Production: Make Your Own Fuel Brew enough to make your homestead fuel-independent, or join forces with neighbors to produce fuel for your collective households.

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STEP FOUR: Building a sump or baffle into a fuel tank. Once your material has been chosen and your material all cut out you then need to decide how you are going to deal with what is called tank slosh. Tank slosh is when you’re going around a corner or accelerating and the fuel moves around in the gas tank.

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Make your own biodiesel for 80¢ per gallon. By Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM: Once you have actually started producing your own diesel fuel, there are fuel test kits, fuel filters, and other devices you can purchase to improve the quality and consistency of your fuel making. – Make Ethanol Fuel for Your Vehicles at Home

This is HOW you make CHEAP FUEL, by converting free and cheap starch to sugar, fermenting the sugar to alcohol, then distilling the alcohol then putting the alcohol in your fuel tank. This book has the BEST, the most detailed drawings, photos and explanations of making a distiller for alcohol.