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Weekly Dose: ice and speed, the drugs that kept soldiers

Weekly Dose: ice and speed, the drugs that kept soldiers awake and a president young July 6, 2016 1.11am EDT Ice is more readily smoked than other methamphetamines, but can also be injected.

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Ice, speed & other methamphetamines base, crystal, ice, crystal meth, meth, shabu, ox blood, whiz, goey Amphetamine was first synthesised in 1887, and was used in the 1930s to treat asthma.

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Ice and speed are both different forms of a drug called methamphetamine.. Methamphetamine is a stimulant, one of the amphetamine group of drugs manufactured from readily available chemicals.

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With methamphetamine, you aren’t dealing with the same situation. Glass is frequently cut, but even with the more sophisticated cuts available, a regular user can almost always tell. When glass/ice is cut, however, it still looks pure – clear to white shards or powder. ice+speed+skates

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Speed (methamphetamine, C 10 H 15 N) is a potent and addictive central nervous system stimulant, chemically related to amphetamine, but with greater central nervous system side effects. It is a white, odorless, bitter-tasting powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol. Methamphetamine is

Arctic ice sets speed limit for major ocean current | MIT News

“The ice moves much slower than wind, and when the gyre reaches the velocity of the ice, at this point, there is no friction — they’re rotating together, and there’s nothing applying a stress [to speed up the gyre],” Meneghello says. “This is the mechanism that governs the gyre’s speed.”

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