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Is Red Bull Bad for You? 4 Reasons to Skip These Dangerous

Don’t let drinking products like Red Bull, Monster, and 5-Hour Energy become a regular habit. There is growing evidence that these energy drinks can cause some significant harm in your body. The high levels of caffeine and sugar can be extremely dangerous in the …

Is Red Bull bad for your heart: Infographic reveals all

What Red Bull does to your body will shock you. An infographic, by Content Researcher Erwin Johnson from, shows the stomach-churning affects a can of the energy drink can have on your body. From rising blood pressure to constipation, the drink takes its toll from the first sip to 12 days later, according to information sourced from the NHS and Redbull websites.

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Feb 03, 2006 · If you are drinking something that effects your body in a negitive way it is bad for you. To much caffeine can be bad for you wether you are drinking pop or red bull. Loading I find it really good..

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Is Red Bull Bad For You? – Here Is Your Answer.

Long answer. Red Bull is relatively safe for healthy individuals to consume in moderation. The caffeine and sugar content are unhealthy but relatively justifiable for the occasional pick-me-up. If you are looking for something to provide the Vitamin B and antioxidant benefits, try taking a living organic multi-vitamin as a safe alternative.

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Dec 13, 2014 · Caffeine. This means that if you over consume caffeine consuming red bull or other caffeinated beverages and you consume more then 500 ml of caffeine during the day,you might have symptoms of insomnia,nervousness,irritability,restlessness,muscle cramps, pain in the stomach.[ 6, 7] The large quantities of caffeine may cause symptoms of mania,


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Red Bull, Love It Or Hate It. Sugar-free Red Bull has no sucrose or glucose, and has aspartame and acesulfame potassium instead. The makers of Red Bull say it is made so that it tastes of mixed berried. In 2006 over 3 billion cans of Red Bull were sold around the world, generating sales of 2.6 billion Euros.

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Although there are no studies that indicate that Red Bull is bad for a person’s health, the ingredients in this drink can cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. It can also cause dehydration. Red Bull is an energy drink that contains ingredients such as taurine, caffeine, niacin and vitamins B-12 and B-6. Keep Learning.

Red Bull gives you. increased risk of heart disease

Red Bull gives you. increased risk of heart disease, say scientists. that adds up to a bad situation. ‘If you add in other risk factors for cardiovascular disease – stress or high blood

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Okay, let me give you a good, semi-scientific rundown of what Red Bull and other energy drinks will do to harm your health. First and foremost, being overweight/obese is not good for your heath, period. Red Bull and other energy drinks are unnecessary calories that will increase your weight.

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Why Red Bull is Bad for your Health Red bull has become one of the most popular ways to increase energy and fight off fatigue, and in today’s world this seems more like …