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Japan’s railway stations are much more than places to jump on a train, shinkansen or subway. Japan’s train stations are fully-integrated service and commercial centers offering various options for shopping, dining and entertainment. Most large stations also double as Highway Bus terminals for connections to other cities and the nearest airport.

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There is no porter service at Japanese stations. The major stations have escalators and lifts but the small stations only have steps. If you are going on a trip lasting one or two days, you can use the Takkyu-bin luggage-sending service for a modest fee to have your luggage delivered to your destination.

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Exchanging your JR Pass. First of all, remember that in order to activate and use your Japan Rail Pass, you can go to any of the JR (Japan Railways) offices. You can find them on any Japanese international airport as well as on all the main train stations, located across the country.

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The Amazing Psychology of Japanese Train Stations. To the casual observer, it is chaos; commuters packed shoulder-to-shoulder amid the constant clatter of arriving and departing trains. But a closer look reveals something more beneath the surface: A station may be packed, yet commuters move smoothly along concourses and platforms.

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The links below contain all of the 8579 railway stations in Japan.. List of railway stations in Japan

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