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Horrific Japanese Crimes in WWII that History Overlooked

The Nanking Massacre. In 1937, at the beginning of the Sino-Japanese War — the conflict between Japan and China that would eventually become the Pacific branch of World War Two — the Japanese invaded Nanking, the capital city of Nationalist China. The atrocities began in December of ’37 and continued into ’38.

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The Massacre Of Manila. February–March 1945. Early in 1945, General Yamashita planned for his …

Ten of Japan’s worst War Crimes

a small cross-section of japanese war crimes Crimes of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy, 1937-1945 Reasons of space permit only a small selection of the atrocities mentioned in the previous section to receive more detailed examination here, but a comprehensive treatment of Japanese atrocities can be found in the books and web-sites listed at the end of this chapter.

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Oct 14, 2017 · Japanese war crimes Included with total war dead are victims of Japanese war crimes. R. J. Rummel estimates the civilian victims of Japanese democide at 5,424,000.

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Japanese war criminals hanged in Tokyo. In Tokyo, Japan, Hideki Tojo, former Japanese premier and chief of the Kwantung Army, is executed along with six other top Japanese leaders for their war crimes during World War II. Seven of the defendants were also found guilty of committing crimes against humanity, especially in regard to their systematic

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This landmark book documents little-known wartime Japanese atrocities during World War II. Yuki Tanaka’s case studies, still remarkably original and significant, include cannibalism; the slaughter and starvation of prisoners of war; the rape, enforced prostitution, and murder of noncombatants; and biological warfare experiments.


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On November 12, the war crimes tribunal passed death sentences on seven of the men, including General Hideki Tojo, who served as Japanese premier during the war, and other principals, such as Iwane Matsui, who organized the Rape of Nanking, and …

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World War II began in China. The Japanese decision to occupy and annex Manchuria in 1931 set the ball rolling for everything that followed, including the U.S.-led oil embargo that was the proximate cause of the Japanese attack on the South Pacific and the war that followed.