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Jupiter is the second-brightest planet after Venus. The king planet is found below Venus in the predawn/dawn sky at the beginning of the month, yet above Venus at the month’s end.

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Meanwhile, in the morning sky, there are three bright planets: Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. And each will be visited by a progressively thinning crescent moon during the opening days of the month.

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Now Is the Best Time to See Jupiter in the Night Sky

Now Is the Best Time to See Jupiter in the Night Sky. In the current evening sky, you might say that the queen has abdicated and the king has taken her place. Until a couple of weeks ago, Venus was the predominant evening object, blazing brilliantly in the western sky; skywatchers could have christened her the “Queen of the Evening.”

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Jupiter re-appears in the dawn sky in mid-September 2015, positioned in central Southern Leo, marking the start of the planet’s 2015-16 apparition. The planet reaches its January 2016 Eastern stationary point just inside Leo ‘s Eastern border, then retrogrades towards a …

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Interactive star chart showing the position of Jupiter and how to locate Jupiter in the sky. Online Planetarium Our Online Planetarium allows to compute the coordinates of planets, comets and asteroids and visualize them in the sky with respect to stars and constellations.

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4 days ago · Jupiter is five times further from the sun than the Earth is, while Venus sits between the Earth and the sun – about 75 per cent as far from the sun as we are — and is the brightest object in our

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August 23. Also on August 23, but in the early evening, telescope users have a chance to take in a double-shadow transit on Jupiter. Given the planet’s low altitude, this will be a difficult observation to make. The event begins at 7:35 p.m., PDT (10:35 p.m., EDT), when Europa’s shadow joins Io’s on the Jovian cloud tops.

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Jupiter. The planets of the solar system: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune All around the world, Jupiter is an early evening object, now receding into evening twilight. From Redmond, it will become visible at around 20:30 (PDT) as the dusk sky fades, 18° above your south-western horizon.

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Jupiter will shine brightly Tuesday night since the planet is in opposition to the sun, according to EarthSky.org, a radio program dedicated to science and nature. “Opposition,” in astrological terms, means Earth will sit directly between Jupiter and the Sun, making the planet more visible than usual.

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Jan 21, 2019 · Venus and Jupiter meet in the dawn sky. Brilliant Venus then appeared 3° to the upper right of slightly fainter Jupiter. This week, the two planets approach within 2° of each other.

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4 days ago · Jupiter and Venus are actually hundreds of millions of miles apart, but their orbits put them in a position fairly regularly that makes them appear together in Earth’s sky.