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Alma mater: Trinity College, Cambridge

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While in Beirut he reconciled with Kim, and the two lived together for a time. The son was reemployed by MI6 as an outside informer on retainer. Jack Philby helped further his son’s career by introducing him to his extensive network of contacts in the Middle East, including President Camille Chamoun of Lebanon.

Alma mater: Westminster School, Trinity College, Cambridge

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Diary Tom Carver. I went to the rue Kantari in Beirut to try to find Kim Philby’s flat. The street, which stands on top of the hill of Ras Beirut and looks out over the sparkling lights of St George Bay, is full of handsome limestone buildings that wouldn’t look out of place in the 16th arrondissement. Most are now abandoned shells, the

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Harold (Kim) Philby, the son of the diplomat, Harry St John Bridger Philby, was born in Ambala, India, in 1911. “Philby’s father nicknamed his son Kim after the eponymous hero in the popular Rudyard Kipling novel. Spartacus Educational. Kim Philby in Beirut .

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Kim Philby in Beirut ; Death of Aileen Philby ; Primary Sources; References; Aileen Furse was born in India in 1910. Her father had been killed in the early states of the First World War. The Furse family were well-connected and several members had important jobs.

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Kim Philby: I got away with treachery ‘because I was upper class’ Philby recounted how he was able to escape after being rumbled as a traitor in Beirut because the agent sent to keep an eye on

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Media caption Kim Philby denied being a Soviet agent while working for MI6 He became an agent based in Beirut under cover of being a newspaper journalist. This allowed him to resume his spying.

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This was the Beirut of Howard Adrian Russell ‘Kim’ Philby, a ruthless member of the Cambridge Five spy ring, a witness to (and agent of) some of the key moments of the Cold War, and an interminable psychological enigma.

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Kim Philby’s high-level treason devastated Western intelligence. So did efforts to stop it from happening again. The M.I.6 station chief in Beirut called Philby and told him to come for a

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Jan 23, 2013 · Kim Philby, Britain’s fabled Third Man, fled to the Soviet Union 50 years ago. Philby took up journalism in Beirut, writing for the Observer and Economist. His defection in …

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Escape of Kim Philby In With My Little Eye , Elliott gives an account of his last contacts with Kim Philby , in 1963. [1] Philby, with whom Elliott had worked in Beirut, had …

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Died: 11 May 1988 (aged 76), Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union