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How to Grow Madagascar Jasmine Seeds. Although it’s not a true jasmine, the fragrance of the blossoms smells very similar to the real plant. Save the seed pods when they get tan and shriveled, and plant them the next growing season. Each pod carries hundreds of seeds, so usually one pod is enough for a successful planting.

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Thanks. It’s not common, but Stephanotis can produce seed pods. The fruits are about the size of a small pear and can take up to six months for the seeds inside to mature before the pods are ready to harvest. While the fruit is not considered edible, it’s not considered poisonous, either.

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Nov 14, 2009 · There are some fifteen known species of this evergreen climber, but only one species is grown as a house plant to any extent. This is Stephanotis floribunda, popularly known as Madagascar Jasmine or wax flower, which was introduced from Madagascar in 1839.

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Stephanotis floribunda dry pod – seeds with ‘parachutes’ are still in. Stephanotis floribunda seed with ‘parachute’. Stephanotis floribunda syn. S. jasminoides (Madagascar jasmine, waxflower, Hawaiian wedding flower, bridal wreath) is a species of flowering plant …

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Madagascar Jasmine The Madagascar Jasmine is an attractive climbing vine species; grown outdoors and indoors for it’s clusters of scented blooms and shiny oval shaped leaves. When the stephanotis floribunda (botanical name) is purchased to be grown indoors – …

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Jul 09, 2015 · Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis floribunda) I currently have flowers and seed pods growing on my Stephanotis which is on a trellis on the post of my patio cover. I plan to leave the seed pods on my plant until they ripen and crack open. I then plan on havesting the seeds.

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A relative to the Jasmine flower, the Stephanotis is the fragrant and waxy petaled flower often found in wedding arrangements. It was nicknamed Bridal Veil , I guess for that reason. But many others know of it as, Madagascar Jasmine. I love this plant for it’s abundant summer flowers and …

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The fruit of Jasmine is rarely seen. Take off the fruit when its in the orange&brown color, and put if in warm water to make it soft. Shuck off the seedcase and you will get the jasmin seed. put the jasmine seed into soil pot and the burgeon will come out one month later. It will need three years to bloom.