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What Causes the Monsoon in India. In India, the southwest summer monsoon is attracted by a low pressure area that’s caused by the extreme heat of the Thar Desert and adjoining areas, during summer. During the monsoon, the wind direction reverses. Moisture-laden winds from the …

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Indian monsoon. Indian monsoon, the most prominent of the world’s monsoon systems, which primarily affects India and its surrounding water bodies. It blows from the northeast during cooler months and reverses direction to blow from the southwest during the warmest months of …

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Monsoon in India is the most important weather event, while other countries do have their Monsoon, none of them compare to the Indian Monsoon. Most of the rainfall in the country occurs just on account of the four JJAS (June, July, August and September) months of the year.

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Monsoon In India 2017: Get all the latest weather and business news and updates, information related to monsoon 2017, for all cities in India. Along with advancement of monsoon (NLM), satellite images, live weather update, rainfall updates and records, monsoon performance and forecast, and effect of El Nino and La nina on Monsoon in India.

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Monsoon in India. 1. India receives monsoon rain in two cycles. One directly after the summer that ends in early September and then a second cycle that blows south from northern India. It is caused by a reverse of the weather conditions that bring the southwest monsoons.

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Charles Normand, Walker’s successor as head of the Indian weather service, insisted that the monsoon is “an active, not a passive, feature in world weather.”

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The monsoon in India depends on two seasonal winds; the Southwest Monsoon known as Summer Monsoon and Northeast monsoon popularly known as Winter Monsoon.The Summer Monsoon starts from June and is through till Mid-October; the Winter Monsoon is from October to December. The south-west monsoon brings most of the rainfall during the year in the country.

South Asia floods kill 1,200 and shut 1.8 million children

Heavy monsoon rains have brought Mumbai to a halt for a second day as the worst floods to strike south Asia in years continued to exact a deadly toll. More than 1,200 people have died across India, Bangladesh and Nepal as a result of flooding, with 40 million affected by the devastation.

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At a Glance. In India, the effects of this monsoon season have brutalized several states including Assam, Bihar, Odisha, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Several villages in Bihar in the eastern part of the country, are still completely ravaged by the flood waters, leaving locals living in temporary shelters,

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