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Motor Behavior. Philosophy of Sport. Physical Activity and Health. Physiology of Sport and Exercise. Motor Learning and Performance Here you will find the supporting resources for Motor Learning and Performance. Please select the edition you are interested in from the list below.

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Basic Concepts of Applied Motor Learning and Performance 5 From the perspective of the discipline of kinesiology, several other academic disci-plines are related to motor learning, namely motor behavior, motor control, motor devel-opment, and motor performance. At the graduate level, kinesiology departments usually

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Motor Learning and Performance: A Problem-Based Learning Approach helps readers discover how humans master skilled movements. Refining the conceptual model of human performance developed in the popular first edition, it also includes opportunities to …

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Motor Learning and Performance, Fifth Edition, provides optimal student comprehension, offering a strong conceptual understanding of skills and then building on this with the intricacies of skilled motor performance. Part I investigates the principles of human performance, progressively developing a conceptual model of human actions.


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Motor learning and the formation of motor memories can be defined as an improvement of motor skills through practice, which are associated with long-lasting neuronal changes. although stress-induced release of modulatory neurotransmitters which affect performance is also certainly a factor. It is interesting that the unconscious aspect of