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Nintendo Adventure Books. Nintendo Adventure Books is a series of gamebooks based on Mario and The Legend of Zelda games published from 1991 to 1992. The books require the reader to keep track of inventory Items, Coins, and points. They are similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure series, but also have mini puzzles included to help nintendo adventure books: Books

(Nintendo Adventure Books, Featuring the Super Mario Bros. No. 5) Sep 1, 1991. by Clyde Bosco. Paperback. $13.01 (22 used & new offers) 3.8 out of 5 stars 6. MONSTER MIX-UP (FEATURING THE SUPER MARIO BROS.) (NINTENDO BOOKS 3) (Nintendo Adventure Book) Jul 1, 1991. by Bill Mccay. Paperback.

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Koopa Caper (Nintendo Adventure Books) by McCay, William Paperback Book The Fast See more like this SPONSORED Brain Drain (Nintendo Adventure Books) by Wayne, Matt Paperback Book The Fast

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The Nintendo Adventure books, sometimes referred to as “Nintendo Gamebooks” were a collection of 12 pick-your-path adventure books based on the Super Mario Bros and Zelda series’ published between 1991 and 1992 by Mammoth Books (United Kingdom) and Simon & …

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Double Trouble. Author: Clyde Bosco. Illustrators: Greg Wray (cover), Josie Koehne (puzzles) First …

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Aug 07, 2017 · Latest Announcements. The Nintendo Adventure Books is a twelve-book series published from June 1991 to April 1992 that were based on the Mario and The Legend of Zelda video games. The books follow the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format, which means the reader could choose what the characters did and thus direct the story.

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Literature / Nintendo Adventure Books. The Nintendo Adventure Books is a Choose Your Own Adventure series from 1991-1992 featuring twelve books, ten of which feature you playing as one of the Super Mario Bros., the other two feature you playing as Link or Princess Zelda. Unlike many gamebooks, each of these had one good ending,

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Nintendo Adventure Books. The Nintendo Adventure Book series of 12 books was published from 1991 to 1992 by Simon and Schuster in the United States and Archway Books and Mammoth Books in the United Kingdom. They are formatted like the popular Choose Your Own Adventure books, where the reader makes decisions that change the outcome of the story.

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Doors to Doom is the sixth Nintendo Adventure Book.It is the first title in the series to give the player straight points instead of having them collect coins to determine their score, and …