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A good lunch is a balanced one, formed around a dependable main course and punctuated with a solid supporting cast of nutrient- packed sides, a low- or no-calorie drink, and even a little treat.

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For busy parents, taking the time to put together the perfect, nutritionally balanced school lunch box for their children can be a challenge. And while some spend hours prepping elaborate bento

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Tips to help pack the perfect school lunch A separate 2009 study found that only about half of schools that serve lunches under the National School Lunch Program met dietary energy standards

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Packing the perfect lunch is a highly subjective affair, but CBC News invites you to chew on these nutritional, allergen-aware, carefully packaged and even educational suggestions.

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Packing the perfect lunch for your child doesn’t have to be complicated. Personally, I rarely make anything fancy for my kids’ lunches. But I do try to make sure that their lunches …

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How to Pack the Perfect School Lunch However, lunch is an important part of your child’s day, giving him or her the energy to focus at school. Planning quick, delicious, easy, and nutritious lunches …

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Perfect School Lunches November 4, 2017 jacquiodell Food , Must Have Products Whether for school lunch or a quick snack I am always on the lookout for healthy snacks that my kids like and I can feel good about giving them.

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The most perfect school lunches ever: Father puts weary parents to shame with his gourmet creations – but would your kids appreciate them? George Georgievski, 44, started making his daughters

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Packing the perfect school lunch For the best nutrition, prepare your kids’ mid-day meals at home Home-packed school lunches can be healthier and less expensive than the food available at school.

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50 Healthy School Lunch Ideas. 123 Ok so this list sounds good…in a perfect world. But in my world kids don’t usually like eating the majority of the stuff on the list. Any tips for picky eaters who refuse to try anything new? Reply. Jessica says. August 12, 2014 at 9:30 am.