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Finding Private Health Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions

Yes, private health insurance companies do have the ability to deny you coverage, and even charge you more for your pre-existing condition, but there is a chance that it will still be cheaper than your options through the marketplace.

Health Reform and Pre-Existing Conditions: Getting Insurance

Answers to WebMD readers’ questions about health care reform and pre-existing conditions. By Lisa Zamosky. As it stands now, if you apply for insurance on the private market

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PCIP Provides Health Coverage Options For People Who

Private Health Insurance and Pre-Existing Conditions

In Australia, although pre-existing conditions are referred to in the policy literature of all private health insurers, the exact details could vary from one insurer to the other. A waiting period

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The PCIP program provided health coverage options to individuals who were uninsured for at least six months, had a pre-existing condition, and had been denied coverage (or offered insurance without coverage of the pre-existing condition) by a private insurance company.

Health Insurance: Paying For Pre-Existing Conditions

A pre-existing condition is a medical illness, injury or other condition that existed prior to the date the patient signed up with a health insurance provider. Most insurance companies use one of