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The added benefits of using hand and wrist weights are derived mostly from increased arm muscle activity. Swinging the arms more while running may increase running speed and provide a safer alternative to hand weights with the same benefits.

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A bit of high-intensity running with wrist weights and then a longer section of running without wrist weights, that way you will definitely not mess up your stride. Also: Raised arm circles with wrist weights are murder (the good kind).

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Despite their benefits, wrist weights aren’t suitable for every form of exercise. The ACE notes they’re effective for such exercises as walking, aerobics and step aerobics. However, they’re not ideal during more vigorous exercises, such as running. Using wrist weights …

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Wrist weights, ankle weights and weighted vests all have the potential to injure your body when you run. Health-Saving Measures The American Council on Exercise says that you can still use hand weights to boost your running workout as long as you take care.

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Running with wrist weights (self.running) submitted 4 years ago by Tekjensen So i was wondering if anybody has any information about running with wrist weights, if it can build arm muscle, if it has any dangerous side effects i.e joint damage.

Top responsesRedditI’m going to jump in here and say that running with a weighted vest is a bad idea! Regardless of the weight, anything over a pound or two is a bit much, it’s just not a … read more3 votesso what about bring a water bottle on a run? could that cause injury?1 voteI don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone getting injured from running with a bottle, but it’s not really something I would do with the goal of working out my arms.3 votesbut if i bring a liter of water on a run that is about 2.2 lbs so, i guess this is turning more into a case of curiosity, is that a problem? if 2 pounds is ok is 3? where … read more0 votesA liter of water is excessive- how far and for how long are you running? I have never carried a bottle of water with me on a run, and I run up to 24 miles at a … read more1 voteI carry half that in a bottle on a long trail run, and can’t say I’d want to carry anything much heavier. No idea what the ‘safe limit’ is though. If it messes with your … read more1 voteSee all running wrist weights

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Is running with hand weights a bad idea? Ask Question 8. I’ve heard that running with weights is a bad idea. I’ve stopped running with hand weights, and I can’t say I regret it. – Eyal Sep 20 ’12 at 11:32. I would say that while running with weights held in the hand probably doesn’t share the same detrimental joint effects as running

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