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16 rows · Industrial Revolution Timeline Timeline Description: The Industrial Revolution was a time in the 18th century when many important inventions were made. Many of these inventions made work easier and cheaper.

1712 The steam engine is invented. Thomas Newcomen invents the first steam engine. It is not very …
1764 The spinning jenny is invented. James Hargreaves, a British carpenter and weaver, invents the …
1769 James Watt improves the steam engine. James Watt from Scotland designs a more efficient st…
1794 Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin. Eli Whitney creates a machine that makes it much easier to …

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Industrial Revolution. Timeline. History >> Industrial Revolution. 1712 – The first practical steam engine is invented by Thomas Newcomen. Steam would become an important source of power for the Industrial Revolution. 1760 – The First Industrial Revolution begins around 1760 in …

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Timeline: Events and inventions during the Industrial Revolution. 1764 – James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny, which allowed one worker to spin eight spindles 1769 – Richard Arkwright invented the water frame, which hooked up spinning machines to a water wheel. 1769 – James Watt patented his revision of the steam engine,

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[Victorian Web Home —> Science —> Technology —> The Industrial Revolution —> Railways —> Technology, Commerce, and Culture] Languedoc Canal connects the Mediterranean with the Bay of Biscay. 240 miles long, with 100 locks, 3 major aqueducts, 1 tunnel, and a summit reservoir. The largest canal project between Roman times and the nineteenth century.

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Timeline of the Industrial Revolution. in England. 1712 Thomas Newcomen invented the first productive steam engine. 1733 James Kay invented the Flying Shuttle, a simple weaving machine. 1769 Richard Arkwright invented the water frame, which hooked up spinning machines to a water wheel.

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Industrial Revolution Timeline. Furthermore, the industrial revolution originated in Great Britain and spread across the world in three waves: The first wave occurred in Great Britain, France, Belgium, the German states and the United States during the late 1700s and the early 1800s. The second wave occurred in Spain, Portugal, Austria-Hungary,