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Angela Merkel hits back at Donald Trump at Nato summit

Angela Merkel hits back at Donald Trump at Nato summit. “Angela Merkel is doing a fantastic job as the Chancellor of Germany,” he tweeted. Youth unemployment is at a record low & she has a budget surplus.” Trump’s criticism of a German deal with Russia on energy appeared to relate to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline direct to Germany.

Trump Nato: New war of words with Merkel – BBC News

US President Donald Trump has clashed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel over Russian influence and defence spending, ahead of a Nato summit. Mr Trump said Germany was “totally controlled by Russia” because of the high level of natural gas it imported, and this was a “bad thing for Nato”.

Donald Trump ‘printed out fake £300bn Nato invoice and

Donald Trump reportedly gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel a bill for £300bn when the pair met recently to cover contributions he believes are owed to Nato. The US president made the demand during private talks when the pair met in Washington DC, the Sunday Times reported.

NATO goes to emergency session after Trump calls Merkel

Trump’s NATO grudge. Trump has repeatedly slammed Merkel for supporting a new pipeline that would cement Berlin’s client relationship with Russia and increase Moscow’s influence. Energy exports represent Russia’s main source of revenue, and Trump argues that the pipeline undermines NATO’s purpose, as it’s designed to counter Russian aggression.

Donald Trump, Angela Merkel at NATO Ceremony: Watch – TIME

By Jennifer Calfas. May 25, 2017. President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will speak Thursday at a ceremony for the unveiling of German and U.S. artifacts from the Berlin wall and World Trade Center. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will also make comments at the event, held at NATO’s new headquarters in Brussels.

How Trump Made War on Angela Merkel and Europe | The New

“You, Angela,” Trump chided Merkel. Most of NATO’s members had failed to fulfill the goal of spending two per cent of G.D.P. for defense, but Trump focussed on Germany’s military spending

Trump and Merkel clash at fraught NATO summit –

Jul 11, 2018 · Brussels (AFP) – US President Donald Trump traded barbs with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a tense NATO summit Wednesday after he accused Berlin of being “captive” to Russia and demanded it immediately step up defence spending.

In Dissing Angela Merkel and NATO, What Was Trump Telling

Trump, however, seems to reject the entire premise of a mutual defense, viewing NATO as a kind of bizarro protection racket, in which the Mob boss hands out envelopes of cash to the shopkeepers.

Trump, Day After Merkel’s Visit, Says Germany Pays NATO

Mar 18, 2017 · Mr. Trump may have been referring to the fact that Germany, like most NATO countries, falls short of the alliance’s guideline that each member should allocate 2 percent of its gross domestic

Trump expresses ‘strong support’ for NATO, presses Merkel

Mar 17, 2017 · Merkel said she was “gratified to know” how “important” Trump feels NATO is. As a candidate, Trump sparked concerns in Europe for suggesting that …

Trump doubles request for NATO defense dollars, calls

Merkel and Trump, who arrived at the NATO summit via a different entrance than the other world leaders, met privately about 9:15 a.m. ET. very good relationship” with Merkel, Trump said.

‘That’s not how it works’: Trump’s grasp of Nato

On the heels of a visibly awkward visit from the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump said on Saturday that Germany owed “vast sums of money” to Nato and the US, even though the

Trump vs. Merkel: Blistering Salvo Meets Quiet Rejoinder

Jul 11, 2018 · Trump vs. Merkel: Blistering Salvo Meets Quiet RejoinderTrump vs. Merkel: Blistering Salvo Meets Quiet Rejoinder. Ms. Merkel has rebuked Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and has defended multilateral institutions like the European Union, NATO, the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. She also has spoken openly about the need for Europe to do more in its own interests …

Donald Trump at NATO says Germany “captive to Russia

Jul 11, 2018 · Trump kicks off NATO summit with jab at Germany. BRUSSELS — President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have met after the U.S. leader publicly lambasted the longtime ally over its spending on national defense and a Russian oil pipeline.