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Vaping in Australia: Debate about whether it is helpful

Push for vaping to be legalised in Australia continues

Vaping laws in Australia are nonsensical. Vaping is still illegal, while cigarettes can be bought in any convenience store. Laws differ from state to state in a system that seems to want Joe

Australia Agrees to Study Vaping Health Risks

— Legalise Vaping Australia (@LegaliseVaping) September 24, 2018. Currently, there exists a ban on nicotine vape refills but vape devices are legal. This is because Australia has classified liquid nicotine as a …

Australia Still Pushing for Vaping to be Legalised » VAPE reports that Australians are still pushing for vaping to be legalised because of conflicts with Australia’s vaping laws. Even with tons of media outlets now reporting the findings from The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) around the world, the fight down under continues.

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News – Legalise Vaping in Australia

Fired-up vaping advocates argue health is at centre of legalisation campaign in Canberra September 03, 2018. Legalise Vaping Australia in the news E-cigarette campaigners have headed to the big smoke to convince federal politicians to lift

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‘Nicotine Wars’ Sheds Light on Australia’s Vaping Problems

Global Vaping News ‘Nicotine Wars’ Sheds Light on Australia’s Vaping Problems New short film highlights vapers’ struggles to get e-juice. By. Jeff Hawkins – December 3, 2018. 510. Share. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Email.

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