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Drink plenty of fluids. When you have a stuffy nose, add more fluid to your diet. Hot drinks …

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Dr. Jeffrey Pollard Dr. Pollard. Thick nasal mucus: Thick nasal mucus can be related to sinusitis, but not necessarily. If you have chronic allergies or recurrent infections you should consult a doctor who can identify if there is an opportunity to improve nasal inflammation with sprays or …

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Nasal irrigation is considered to be one of the most effective remedies to get rid of thick mucus in the sinus. Saline irrigation is merely flushing out the nasal passages with a saline solution. Pressure Points Tension Headaches. A neti pot is a commonly used apparatus for nasal irrigation.

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Dec 24, 2018 · Thick mucus often indicates the presence of an infection in the body. Dairy products can also increase the thickness of a person’s mucus. When the nose is infected with the common cold virus, the nasal and sinus membranes increase the production of mucus.

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What Your Mucus Says About Your Health. Mucus helps keep you healthy. Your nose and throat glands make up to 2 quarts of it every day. It’s a moist film that helps keeps your nose from drying out. Mucus also helps shield your lungs from dust, bacteria, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, viruses, and other intruders. “When we’re healthy,

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Posted 15 September 2016 at 07:10. Hello, Suffering for 2 years with sensation of thick mucus stuck at the back of the nose, which I’m often able to hock up out of my mouth (clear but very “snotty” and like thick glue when it’s in a tissue). Sometimes it gets in my throat and I …

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Clear, sticky mucus. Transparent, somewhat sticky, but moist nasal mucus is normal, as long as …

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Thick mucus in the sinuses. Thick mucus is a long term problem, and a short term cure is not too helpful. Taking on liquids does help, and though progress has been slow, I’m feeling much better now than I was a while back. To give a list of some of the symptoms I had: (1) Headaches, particularly of the muscle-contraction type. (2) Mild dizziness.

You may also want to try the following. When I get colds they always turn into sinus infections. When they near their end the green/yellow mucous gets impacted and this really helps to clear it out. If you wear contacts you can use an empty contact lense solution container. The tiny hole lets you control the amount that comes out vs getting salt water all over your face. invented the technique mentioned above by elltkeen, because I had the same symptoms as you (except the ear-tears, though I do believe you) and it resisted everything. Saline solution does an incredible job of washing infections out of your sinuses and other head cavities, but gravity defeats it. My technique is mildly risky, as it involves bending over in a shower (use the gravity, instead of fighting it) but I’ve had 100%effectiveness with it. A chronic like yours will take a few weeks to beat, but you can do it.Thanks for the info. Actually on occasion I use a technique similar to that, though not as involved, and it is fairly effective. Fortunately, these days I don’t have to do much of anything, since the problem is by and large whipped. I used to be blocked up all the time, but happily, those days are gone.I definitely can relate to your problem. I too have thick, very thick mucus in my sinuses. I had to change ENT’s because the first one wouldn’t listen to me when I explained my symptoms. My new ENT had CT scan taken of my sinuses and found a lot of problems. My sinuses were plugged and only once in a while would I be able to feel something want to be blown out. When it did (the size of a dime), it was green and ugly, but so thick. When I’d see the doctor, they couldn’t see anything; so what I did was when this green mucus would come out (very little), I would take a Q-tip and take a sample of it and place it in a zip-lock bag and take it along on my appointment to the ENT. Then the doctor can see the color and what he is dealing with. After three visits like this, the CT was ordered and surgery is on the way. I’ve had my problem as long as you have. I, too, use to have strange feelings in my head, ears (itched), nos (itched) cheeks (were red) earaches (which I usually don’t have), eyes (watered constantly and couldn’t drain properly-and sticky fluid coming out of them).Couldn’t concentrate and terrible memory problemsAll because of the blocked up sinuses. I hope that this surgery helps clear it up. Anyway, try taking a sample with a Q-tip to the doctor the next time you go. He needs to see what color the mucus is. Good Luck to youI know what you are going through.I’m in no way against surgury when necessary but I wonder If you try the sinus cleanse by friggy how it would work for you. After all of my problems I had a CT scan and everything came back clear with the exception of a couple miniscule systs. I also drink almost 1 gallon of distilled water a day. Believe it or not, bottled water and spring water is near equivalent to tap water. Distilled is the purest form you can get. Try drinking pure water and for a month and see if that helps break up the mucous to where you can expell it.To Katie633, you certainly have my sympathy. It’s no fun, and I know what you’re going through. I also know what it’s like when doctors won’t listen to you when you describe your symptoms. I hope everything works out for you. Just wondering, does anyone know the causes of thick mucus, or can you point me to any info on the subject? In all the research I did, the only known cause I could find was dehydration. I suppose this is a possibility in my case: for example, I’ve always had very dry skin. However, for more two years now I have been drinking as much water as possible, and things still aren’t completely right. Much, much better than they used to be but still not completely right. All this time, progress has been steady, but very, very slow. I really wonder what’s going on.It is called Neti and it is a technique over 2000 years old extra points for you for using saline solution though

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Nasal infections, sinus problems, cold and flu are just some of the causes of thick greenish or yellow mucus in the nose. Infections are more common in babies and you are likely to find thick yellow mucus in the nose of your baby, toddler or newborn.

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Thick saliva or mucus. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common symptom combinations and medical conditions related to thick saliva or mucus. Click on the combination that matches your symptoms to find the conditions that may cause these problems. Or click on “See All Conditions” to see every condition related to thick saliva or mucus.

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Sinus drainage/thick mucus Discussions By Condition: Allergies He seems positive that we are making progress. I am better than I was several years ago because of no sinus infections, however I am very uncomfortable and tired of this problem. I don’t know where to go from here.

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What Your Snot Can Tell You About Your Health. Your nose knows what’s really going on. Some people suffer from chronic sinusitis, which makes nasal mucus very thick and glue-like, , green or