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DEAR DR. DONOHUE: My problem is water. I can’t stop it from dripping out of my nose. The liquid is clear, without any odor. It has the consistency of drinking water. My sinuses do not hurt

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Your Runny Nose Could Be Leaking Brain Fluid. Nagy’s doctor told him his runny nose was actually brain fluid leaking out through his nasal cavity. “The fluid would come out like a puddle.”

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It should be like, build enough pressure in the nostrils and when you breathe out the water should come out. Your focus should be on the stomach expanding and contracting. Do not focus on your head or nose, water will enter back into your nose. In short, the position itself is enough to REMOVE ALL THE WATER.

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My nose is releasing a water like liquid every morning or even after I sneeze and there are times that blood is coming too But the blood only flows on one side of my nose. Get examied: And tested for allergies. I suggest using OTC antihistamine ( Zyrtec or Claritin) and OTC nasal cortisone ( Flonase, Nasa-Cort) until you are examined.

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Clear fluid leaking through nose. The fluid is like water, but is very salty. Every once in a while if I just look down its starts to drip but especially if I bend down it comes out more. I don’t have any nasal congestion. But the dipping is not always constant. Some times it just doesn’t happen.

Rachel, When you see your doctor about this, he can test to see if the fluid is cerebral-spinal fluid. Although this dripping may be from the sinuses, it’s possible that there’s a slow leak somewhere in the brain covering, and the fluid is from this. I’ve read that one of the ways to test for this, is to test the fluid for glucose. Cerebral spinal fluid will have glucose in it, whereas mucous from the sinuses will not. (I think they can use the dipsticks that they use to test urine for glucose, which every doctor’s office uses.) If this information is not correct, your doctor should know what to do to test it. Bookmark this page, so that you can come back later. If it is fluid from the brain, your doc really needs to be aware of this. Wishing you the best, CarolI have had 2 ear surgeries since July of 2008 to repair my ear drum, remove scarring, cut away bone from my malleus, and insert an appliance to correct hearing problems due to otosclerosis. Since my last surgery (when the malleus was corrected and the appliance inserted), I have had leakage from my ear. Fluid stays behind the eardrum and prevents me from hearing, or sounds like I am under water. I can tilt my head a certain way and I can hear, but that is the only way. The fluid has no smell that I can tell, is mostly clear (although at first it had a slight brownish tinge), and feels silky..almost like glycerin. My ENT is now beginning to think that I have a very small leak in the Dura (I think that is what he said) and has ordered a CT Scan, since this has been going on since mid November 2008. The fluid leaks when I lie on the side of the surgery and wakes me from the tickling feel. I am also having increasing headaches as well as increasing problems concentrating and paying attention. If this is fluid leaking from around my brain, how is it repaired? Thanks much in advance.Hi, It is important to make sure that the fluid dripping out of your nose is cerebrospinal fluid or not. CSF can leak out of the nose and also the ears. Pathological examination of the fluid will help in making the diagnosis. CSF fluid leak can occur due to traumatic injuries to the skull and due to high intracranial pressure. High ICP can cause headaches which can be terrible. This requires further evaluation, please get it done at your earliest and let us know if you have more questions.I have had 2 sinus surgeries! Since sinus infections are extremely painful and headaches A LOT. I have have fluid coming out of my nose when I bend over and its not just alittle at a time! Its like water. I went to ent today and it wasn’t my reg doctor and he did cultures on my nose and sent me on my way. Said I think its from cleaning your nose I said no I don’t do it like you guys told me to because it gags me and he said oh ok. Does this sound like CSF leak?My son is 33 years old and has started to get a clear nasal discharge , he has suffered with nose bleeds in the past, and up until the age of 23 played ice hockey. The fluid that leaks from his nose is more like a fast drip, and he says it has a metalic taste to it. He has been to our GP who is arranging an appointment with an E.N.T. specialist but in the mean time I wondered if you could shed any light on this matter for us. Many thanks VivienHi i have the exact same as your son. Sometimes when i tilt my head a certain way it will leak but first i will get a metallic taste. what was the outcome from your sons visit to the ent?Is the fluid leak harmful? I have idiopathic intracranial hypertension and I always have a runny nose and constantly sneezing but I just assumed I had developed allergies even though antihistamines have no effect on me! When I bend down not only does my nose run like a tap but I get pain like throbbing pressure in my head and eyes. I find if I lay on my back with quite a few pillows propping my head up that it relieves the throbbing in my nose a bit. Is it serous if I have a cff leak? I’m scared now?IIH is potentially harmful, especially for the optical nerve and your eyes, so you should get it treated. The fluid does not have to be csf but it can be. You should get it tested. A cranial csf leak is dangerous because bacterias can get in the same way the csf goes out. Higher risk of meningities.Hi I’m 13 years old and have a clear nasal fluid coming out of my nose. it tastes salty and i have been getting severe headaches. I’m scared so I googled it and its only coming up as brain fluid which scares me even more. Any feedback would be great. thanks.I am a 26year old male; I have a regular headache about once to twice a week. I have recently noticed a clear fluid that drips out my nose. The fluid is like water, but is very salty. Every once in a while if I just look down its starts to drip but especially if I bend down it comes out more. Some times it just doesn’t happen. But I have noticed senses it has started I have been getting headaches and migraines more frequently. And after every head ache the dipping happens more. I do take dispreen(aspirin) for my headaches and it helps greatly with my headaches, but the drippings still happens. I’m not sure if the fluid has anything to do with my headaches or not. Befor 7 year i hv start bleeding from my nose to much bleeding it happen with me 2 tim in my life Thanks so much for your help.

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turns out i had the same problem. brain fluid was indeed dripping from my nose, also salt water from being knocked up in the ocean was dripping.

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Serious Causes. Watery discharge coming out of one nostril could signify a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak, or leak of brain fluid — particularly if this symptom starts after an injury to the head. CSF rhinorrhea occurs when there is a small hole or tear in the membrane surrounding the brain.

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ANSWER: Excessive jocularity can cause water, milk, or soda to come out the nose. Food and drink should be going down the esophagus and into the stomach. Air should be going down the trachea, then into the branching bronchial tubes, and ending into the lungs. But those two tubes, the trachea and the esophagus, are quite close to each other.

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Why does water drips out of my nose after bending over I am a 37 year old male and the last few years I have noticed that after bending over or tipping my head down, a water like substance drips from my nose.

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