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In recent times, wearing hijab in public has been required by law in Saudi Arabia (for Muslims), Iran and the Indonesian province of Aceh. Other countries, both in Europe and in the Muslim world, have passed laws banning some or all types of hijab in public or in certain types of locales.

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Hijab is referred to by various names, some of the most common of which are a veil or a headscarf. Most Muslims who wear the covering call it a hijab (حجاب), an Arabic word meaning “cover.” However, there are various forms of hijab that are referred to by different names.

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Muslim women wear the hijab in the advice of The Prophet Muhammad SAW: ‘Modesty is a branch of faith’. Modesty can be expressed in many different ways and the hijab is one of them. It is PURER for the heart to wear Hijab as Allah SWT mentions in the Quran. It is an act of great virtue and righteousness.

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As Muslim women, we actually ask you not to wear the hijab in the name of interfaith solidarity. By Asra Q. Nomani and. Hala Arafa. December 21, 2015.

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Charming Urooj Nasir. Urooj Nasir is a Pakistani artist. She is a talented host and fabulous on …

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There are about a million ways to tie a hijab.

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Dec 04, 2018 · How to Wear a Hijab. The hijab is an important part of a Muslim woman’s modesty. The Islamic dress code requires women to cover the entire body except the hands and face with loose clothing. The term hijab refers to modesty in a broad sense, including behavior, voice and gaze, though it is frequently used to refer to the head covering alone,


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February 1st marks annual World Hijab Day (WHD) in recognition of millions of Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab and live a life of modesty. The brainchild of this movement is a New York resident, Nazma Khan, who came up with the idea as a means to foster religious tolerance and understanding

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The word hijab refers to both the head-covering traditionally worn by some Muslim women and Islamic styles of dress in general. The garment has different legal and cultural status in various countries. In the Indonesian Aceh province, women are required to wear the hijab and all …

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Feminists and the Western media often portray the hijab as a symbol of oppression and slavery of women. This sexist angle of viewing the hijab reflects the influence of Western feminists who are subconsciously reacting to the Judea-Christian concept of veil –– …

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Dec 10, 2007 · Just be strong because the first time you wear hijab is when satan makes it difficult. Keep strong and keep wearing it and remember that all the time that you are wearing the hijab will be rewarded because its an act of worship. So think about the rewards, inshallah.

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Why Wear the Hijab? Zara Syed. 32 34,986 5 minutes read. If wearing miniskirts, low-cut tops, head- turning heels, and layers of makeup in public is the expectation without which a woman in incapable of stepping outside her house, then we have two very different definitions of liberty and self-respect.

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Sep 03, 2009 · Hijab however goes beyond the head scarf. In one popular school of Islamic thought, hijab refers to the complete covering of everything except the hands, face and feet in long, loose and non see-through garments. A woman who wears hijab is called Muhaajaba.

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Jul 13, 2017 · Why don’t Muslim men wear hijab? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 41 Answers. Karol Emil Thornton-Remiszewski, Not Muslim, but have studied Islam extensively (have practiced hijab and sawm) Answered Jul 14, 2017 · Author has 5.5k answers and 3.5m answer views.

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