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Apr 20, 2017 · First of all, not all trees and plants are green in color, but most are. The reason that most of them are green has to do with the fact that chlorophyll molecules are green. Chlorophyll is the pigment that comprises chloroplasts, which are the structures or organelles responsible for converting the sun’s energy into useful energy for a plant.

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Answer 1: That´s a great question. Plants (everything from tiny algae in the oceans to trees) have green parts (or in some cases are completely green). This is because they contain a green pigment called chlorophyll which is necessary for the plants to make food for themselves using light energy and carbon dioxide (a gas in the air) and water.

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Trees appear green because the green pigment in the plastids called chlorophyll absorb all chromatic color in light other than green and therefore it appears green in color. 38 people found this useful.

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Trees are green because all of the cells that make up the leaves contain little packets (called chloroplasts) of the pigment chlorophyll. And this pigment absorbs red light and blue light, but reflects green light so that is why leaves look green.

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Why Trees are Green. A tree can control the temperature of its leaves using a number of tactics – absorbing or evaporating water, the shape of the leaf, the depth of the canopy and the colour of the leaves. When you look at a tree, you’ll see that the leaves at the bottom of the canopy are much darker in colour than the leaves at the top.

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Why are trees green? It was this simple question, posed by Harvard ecologist Fred Smith in the late ’50s, that led Smith and his student Robert Paine, and others, to startling and profound

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Full Answer. Chlorophyll utilizes mostly red and blue light energy, while the green energy passes through or bounces off the leaves and reaches a person’s eyes. Leaves then appear green. As autumn comes to an end, plants and trees produce less chlorophyll because light regulates the …